PLC Panels

Direct and Remote I/O solutions, 2 wire control system solutions, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Software, Complete Operator systems

ESTA can provide

  • Direct and Remote I/O solutions
  • 2 wire control system solutions.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Software
  • Complete Operator systems: supervisory control and data acquisition/human machine interface displays (SCADA/HMI)


Because ESTA has the technical experience and support in both hardware and software for new two wire bus technologies, the installation, commissioning, and project turn-around times are optimised.  We will work with you from functional specification, system design and software development, through acceptance testing, installation and start-up. We can provide the training and documentation necessary to smoothly integrate new systems to your existing operations.

Graphical user Interfaces

ESTA create custom graphical user interfaces within the HMI package preferred by the customer for plant operation, that allow the operator to monitor and control the process with a high degree of understanding and a minimum of error.

PLC Panel
PLC Panel

Our Experienced Staff

ESTA’s staff has extensive PLC program design, programming, installation, trouble-shooting and commissioning experience. Our structured programming techniques deliver reliable and maintainable systems.

Systems include:

Rockwell Allen-Bradley


Schneider / Telemecanique



Documentation include:

Flow charts

Tabular I/O Lists

Alarm Lists

Database Listings (SCADA Systems)

Fully Annotated Program Code

Operator Manuals

Maintenance Manuals